My research interests lie in inclusive design, and creating accessible technologies. During my PhD I investigated the challenges faced by individuals with visual and motor-impairments when accessing mobile touchscreen technologies. This research was carried out with the support of participants from both RNIB and Parkinson’s UK to ensure the challenges were motivated by real-world problems and the solutions were fit for purpose. The work led to the development of novel methods to measure an individual’s interaction abilities from regular device interactions, and then perform adaptations to the gesture recognisers to improve the recognition accuracy of their inputs. I hope to extend the work to cover wider user characteristics, devices and forms of interaction.

More recently, my research has investigated digital technologies to support braille input and output by blind people. In collaboration with researchers in Lisbon, Portugal, we have developed hardware and software technologies to support Braille learning, and access to touchscreen devices.

Through my interest in human computer interaction, I have become acquainted with researchers and communities working to improve the access of digital technologies to individuals whom are excluded or not considered, due to both physical and mental characteristics, my interests are in the development of technologies that facilitate the creation of more inclusive systems and improve overall usability and minimise exclusion from technologies.