IDEA: Spotify GuestList

Screenshot of Spotify Desktop application, showing social playlist feature

Had a little spark today and thought I would follow through on it. As a result I ended up contacting Spotify with my new killer feature request and writing this post. Hopefully I get a reply and who knows, they might even make it happen.

So let me set the scene for you. Jamie and I were discussing the social playlist features of Spotify, allowing people to create group playlists with their Facebook friends (what a nice idea.) Potential uses of such a feature are to create playlists for parties or events, this got me thinking. 

What if Spotify could generate event playlists automatically based on my friends that will be attending?

Simple idea, take two services that people already use and mash them up a little more. Spotify already knows who my Facebook friends are and shares my personal playlist with them. So with a little extra 1010110 magic they could also get my Facebook event information including a list of all the people that will be attending the event. Then when it all kicks off it can create me a shiny new Spotify playlist with all my guests favourite songs. DONE. So as I said emailed that off to Spotify, hoping they just make it happen. If not “Spotify Guestlist” will make for a nice Hackday or Mashup project next rainy day.

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