IDEA: Spotify GuestList

Screenshot of Spotify Desktop application, showing social playlist feature

Had a little spark today and thought I would follow through on it. As a result I ended up contacting Spotify with my new killer feature request and writing this post. Hopefully I get a reply and who knows, they might even make it happen.

So let me set the scene for you. Jamie and I were discussing the social playlist features of Spotify, allowing people to create group playlists with their Facebook friends (what a nice idea.) Potential uses of such a feature are to create playlists for parties or events, this got me thinking. [pullquote]What if Spotify could generate event playlists automatically based on my friends that will be attending?[/pullquote] Simple idea, take two services that people already use and mash them up a little more. Spotify already knows who my Facebook friends are and shares my personal playlist with them. So with a little extra 1010110 magic they could also get my Facebook event information including a list of all the people that will be attending the event. Then when it all kicks off it can create me a shiny new Spotify playlist with all my guests favourite songs. DONE. So as I said emailed that off to Spotify, hoping they just make it happen. If not “Spotify Guestlist” will make for a nice Hackday or Mashup project next rainy day.

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