Cloud based emergency service tracking (I Had A Dream…)

diagram of emergency vehicle sending coordinates to cloud service then viewed by cars nearby

Ok so this is a bit of a weird one, I guess it came to me in a dream where for some unknown reason I was completely deaf. Not sure what this dream says about with me but it was interesting. I began this experience feeling a little anoyed having just subscribed to 3months of Spotify premium (Still waiting on them giving me 12month free for my GuestList idea.) then not being able to full enjoy it. However as the dream developed I did other things including take a driving lesson. This was the inspiration for my cloud based service. Having only experienced being deaf and driving a car in a dream I am not an expert on the topic, but I can imagine they will rely a great deal on both the wing and rearview mirrors when looking out for other drivers and potentially emergency services flying past at high speed. So my service idea is to harness the GPS locations of the emergency vehicles when they have their lights and/or sirens on. By collecting these in the cloud we can then push them out to drivers within the surrounding locations (relevant roads) to alert them to be more vigilant. In theory this information could be pushed to existing Sat Nav devices or mobile phones with GPS. Also I would like to note that this is not just for deaf drivers, I think this would be of use to all drivers, was just inspired by my dream :) So there it is, comment away interested to here your thoughts and suggestions for a service name.

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