iOS: Font size to fit Label

Screen of tv guide menu, showing the fonts scaling to fill the buttons

I found a little snippet of code for resizing font sizes based on a UILabel size somewhere on the web (Sorry if it was your code, I couldn’t find the page again. But all credit to you!) The code below will take in a chunk of text, font name, minimum and maximum font size and a container size (width and height), and in return it will give you the font that will fit that space.

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Mobile TV Guide

tv guide iphone app mock ups

The next stage of my research, The mobile TV Guide. As you might have read from my earlier posts I’m interested in mobile devices and accessibility. This next project is no different, focusing on the Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) design and interaction methods. Whilst we are all familiar with the use of a grid layout; channels down the side and time along the top on our digital TVs, a system that works “Ok I guess” with the standard remote control for the majority of people. The same cannot be said for these applications that mimic this design on mobile platforms.

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